Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas Reading Challenge Update #3

A final update for the 2009 Christmas Reading Challenge. I managed to knock another four books off the TBR mountain. My goal for this challenge was ten books; I read twelve. Yay me! I would have liked to add a couple more to that total, but despite being home over the long, stormy Christmas weekend, I was busy finishing up Christmas presents needed for New Year's Eve. And, since one of these was a 2-in-1 collection, the total is technically five books, not four.

This batch was all romances (contemporary and historical) with the exception of A Cold Christmas, which was a mystery. Though this book was actually from the middle of a series, it read well as a stand-alone -- there was very little backstory needed to follow along and was good enough that I may try to track down earlier books in the series.

Hooper's "Holiday Spirit" was a pleasant surprise. I know she wrote romance before her popular psychic FBI series -- I've even read most of them -- but did not know she has written historical romance. I loved it! Maybe not as much as the Johanna Lindsey, but it was really good.

For more on any of these books, simply click on the covers below. Though I managed to clear twelve books from the Christmas pile, a towering stack remains. I may need to do a "Christmas in July" reading challenge to clear away a few more. *wink*


Alice Audrey said...

Yay you! You got some good reading done.

Jana said...

I did actually get my three Christmas themed books read but, you know, with no internet at home, I couldn't blog about them. I finished Holly Jacobs' Unexpected Gifts, read the book you sent me, Shirly Jump's Merry Me Christmas and RaeAnne Thayne's Cold Creek Holiday. I'm pretty sure I read them all before the 25th.

I actually read quite a bit (for me, these days, anyway) while I was on vacay. Five novels and one cookbook that could double as a non fic. ;-)

Heather said...

Thanks, Alice. I definitely did!

Jana, Yay you! I'm glad you got some reading in during your vacation!