Monday, May 05, 2014

Cinco de Mayo in Memphis

A song for Cinco de Mayo . . .

Meanwhile down on Beale Street
Drinking in a Beale Street bar
There's a fog rolling off the Mississippi
Has anybody seen Arkansas?

And the deckhands from the towboats
Come ashore wearing Mexican shoes
Headed strait for Graceland
It Was the first thing they wanted to do

Cinco de Mayo in Memphis
Marchetti singing the blues
Soul Sisters huggin Senoritas
All sportin' Blue suede shoes

(Rest of lyrics)


Alice Audrey said...

I totally forgot about Cinco De Mayo. I guess I tend to think of it as California thing, because I don't remember anything about it in West Texas. Oh, yeah, and Mexican too. :)

Heather said...

LOL... Wisconsin has a good-sized Hispanic community these days, with Cinco de mayo celebrations all over. All the local grocery stores seemed to have taco fixings on sale this weekend (and yes, since I had not had them in a while, I took advantage of those sales).