Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thursday Thirteen 356: Wild Turkeys

In honor of Thanksgiving, I give you thirteen turkeys. These were all taken around my neighborhood over the past three months.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, technically I did not see any wild turkeys on this outing. I followed their
tracks up the hill towards the park, but they disappeared into someone's yard
before I reached the summit. I was hoping to photograph them in some snow!

This was actually photographed in a friend's neighborhood, and
while not a wild turkey, I couldn't resist including him. Happy Thanksgiving!

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sandyland said...

We have many wild turkeys here too and cardinals which awaken my mornings seem to say cheer cheer

Lea said...

I love them!
Happy Thanksgiving!

colleen said...

We have them too but I never get that close! Good collection.

CountryDew said...

Nice shots. That last turkey looks kinda sad, though!

Alice Audrey said...

You really got up close to them a few times. Wildlife in Madison never cease to amaze me. Then again we get deer, moose, cougar, and bear roaming around town here. But we have much fewer people here.

Paige Tyler said...

Love the pics! Happy Thanksgiving!


Heather said...

Sandy: I haven't seen our turkeys since we got snow, but I know they're around -- I've seen their tracks in the snow.

Lea: Thank you! ☺

Colleen: Thanks! The trick is being still and having a decent zoom.

Heather said...

Anita: Thank you. The last does look a bit sad, doesn't he? I don't think he inflated right.

Alice: Thanks! A couple of times when I saw them at the park they were at the end near the deserted basketball court, so I sat on a corner of the cement and watched them a while. A couple did get within a few yards of me, so I was able to zoom in and get close-ups. I do wish I had a stronger zoom, though -- I'd have pics of poults if I did.

Thanks, Paige -- I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!