Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday Thirteen 398: Crafty

As some of you know, I recently started working part-time for a local crafts shop — not a chain like Michael’s or Joann’s, though we have multiples of both here — but an independent store. While we do not carry fabric (there is a store next door to us that does), we do have just about everything else you can imagine — and then some. On one hand, I see all the new stuff almost as soon as it comes in. The downside is that I am constantly seeing stuff I like, or that I think someone I know would like. And then there is the irony of working at a craft store and never having time for my own crafting. Here is some of what you can find at our store:

01. Art supplies: Everything from canvas and sketch pads to paints, pencils, markers, brushes and easels.

02. Origami paper (which naturally made me think of Alice)

03. Beads and jewelry fixings — two aisles worth that makes me go cross-eyed if I have to spend too much time stocking pegs there.

04. Mosaic, Candle, and soap making materials.

05. Floral supplies and ribbon.

06. Wood, balsa and Styrofoam — between Halloween and Christmas, we’ve gone through a lot of the latter.

07. YARN. We have one of the largest yarn departments locally, with patrons coming from out of town for some of the higher-quality yarns we carry. One aisle is predominantly knitting needles, as well as other “notions” such as basic needles, tape measures, thread and Velcro.

08. Doll making and diorama supplies.

09. Stamps and ink, though we do not carry as wide a selection as we used to. Most of the stamps currently stocked are seasonal.

10. Cardstock, Scrapbook and quilling materials.

11. Frames, mats, photo albums, scrapbooks and recipe boxes.

12. Puzzles and kids crafts — pretty much something for every age.

13. Adult coloring books. We have stocked these for years, but while orders used to be placed every three or four months, it is now almost weekly. Seriously, we sell out as fast as we restock.

This covers only a fraction of what we carry. Depending on what I am doing and how long my shift, I can easily log five to seven miles a day, just criss-crossing the store stocking shelves or helping customers. I've been so tired when I get home the past couple weeks that I am behind on my handmade Christmas presents, never mind the Christmas cards and reading.

YOUR TURN: Are you a crafty person? What sort of crafts do you like to do?

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Alice Audrey said...

I don't think I could work there. I'd never have a paycheck left even without the time to use the stuff.

colleen said...

I used to be more crafty. Now I think it is channeled in writing poetry or making cards etc with my grandsons.

Heather said...

Alice: Yes, that is a danger. So far I've been doing okay, though I do keep seeing stuff I might want.

Heather said...

Colleen: Crafting with the grandkids counts. There are a lot of great kits/project ideas out there for children of all ages.

mittens said...

im a weaver and basket maker by inclination, I sew, used to do embroidery until the hands said 'not going to happen", I make unstructured chair cushion sets, bedding, cat pillows. Patchwork blankets are a favorite of mine, with recycled sweat pants and shirts. I agree, I'd never make it through the week in a shop like that without spending all my earnings...

Shelley Munro said...

Almost as good as a book shop! I used to knit and sew and dabble in other crafts but that stopped when I started writing. My crafty outlet usually comes from cooking and testing recipes now.

Jana said...

I'd be so overwhelmed with ideas that my head might explode. :-O

Heather said...

Mittens: We actually stock basket making supplies -- one of the many miscellaneous craft sections I did not mention. I have done embroidery, but much prefer counted cross-stitch.

Shelley: It is indeed! So far I have been pretty good about how much spending I do, but that will change this week as I do some final Christmas shopping. I've been setting stuff aside the last couple weeks so I could get it all at once. Less likely to forget anything that way. There's only one friend for whom I have not been able to find anything.

Jana: LOL -- Thankfully, that has not been a problem so far.