Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thursday Thirteen 415: Walking in Wingra Woods

Scenes from a walk in Wingra Woods, UW Arboretum, on 22 April -- Earth Day . . .

Many wooded paths were lined with violets

Cozy forest home

Bitterroot, a spring ephemeral

A path through Wingra Woods -- trees
and shrubs were starting to lea

Near one of the natural springs 

There were a TON of marsh marigolds near Big Spring 

Big Spring feeds into Lake Wingra 

Doesn't that water look cold?

You can see some of the marsh marigolds in this photo

There was a lot of toothwort, too -- another ephemeral

Dead trees and logs host new life

A glimpse of Lake Wingra through the trees.

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colleen said...

The tree almost looks like it has a face! Nice close ups that pull me in.

Heather said...

Colleen Thank you -- and it does, doesn't it? LOL

sandyland said...

Thank you fro taking me along

Heather said...

Sandy: You're welcome, thanks for coming along! :)

Alice Audrey said...

They really show that early spring feel.

We actually have green trees now. Yay!

CountryDew said...

The streams and the path ... they make me want to get up and go for a walk.