Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CowParade: Rosie

Located: Capitol Square, S. Carroll Street
Artist: Marcy Lawrence
Sponsor: Foremost Farms, USA

Rosie is one of two rosemaled cows in the Wisconsin CowParade, and a beauty at that. The other rosemaled cow is part of the herd traveling the state, which I missed when they were at Cows on the Concourse back in June, and they won’t be back in Madison until they are readied for auction. Unfortunately, it was after 7pm when I took these pictures and, being on the shaded side of the Square, they are a bit darker than I’d like. I was also trying to snap a few pics fast to escape the derelict who was attempting to make conversation. Why is it always the really weird ones I attract?? Anyway, must try to get a better pic some Saturday morning when I’m uptown for the Farmer’s Market.


Jana said...

Oh gracious...this one reminds me of a couch that a friend of mine had once. Makes me want to take a nap. hehehehe

And I'm not saying ONE WORD about you attracting derelics. heheheheh

Heather said...

A couch?? Rosie feels insulted. LOL

Lyric James said...

Cool pics! I bet that took a lot of work and patience.

Heather said...

Thanks, Lyric -- and thank you for visiting my site.

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