Saturday, April 05, 2014

Random Photo: Second Sign of Spring

The first sign of spring was green stuff -- daffodil shoots starting to come up through the slowly thawing earth. This morning a big old robin stopped a few feet in front of me, and kindly consented to pose before we both went on about our day. Now if it only felt like spring!


Jana said...

Awe, what a pretty Robin. How nice of him to pose. Sorry you haven't had much of a Spring yet. Down here it's swinging between Summer and Winter, still. A week of Summer, thing a week of Winter. No real spring to speak of. And I've already had to drag out the grass hog and trim a portion of the yard. :-(

Heather said...

We are actually having more spring-like temps this week -- but then it's going to fall back to "winter" early next week, dropping down to 22F one night. Brrr!