Thursday, April 03, 2014

Skywatch Friday 54

It's amazing how much the sky can change over the course of twelve hours, how different it can look east to west. These are a series of photos taken on Friday, March 14.

This was taken about 8am, looking southeast out my front window.

These next two are around the same time, taken from a side
window looking northwest. We had light showers early in the
morning, and the clouds had yet to dissipate.

I was home early enough from work, that I decided on a walk before dinner.
This was taken looking southeast, about 5:30pm.

As I continued along the nearby bike path, the sky began to cloud up again.

I did not notice the tinge of orange in the clouds in this one,
until I uploaded it to the computer.

Thankfully, I made it back home long before it started to rain.

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good photos

Heather said...

Thank you! ☺

Carver said...

Lovely shots of the sky and trees.

Reader Wil said...

There is always something going on in the skies all over the world. This is shown by your beautiful photos.

Alice Audrey said...

Now all we need is some leaves on the trees and it'll be spring.

Heather said...

Carver: Thank you!

Will: Thank you, the sky is indeed ever-changing.

Alice: No kidding. If course, it will also then be allergy season. Can't win, LOL.

carol l mckenna said...

Great series of variety of sky shots for SWF ~ Beautiful ~ Happy Weekend ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol

Ranten said...

Here comes the clouds today but we wish that they were going away :-))

MastHoliday said...

Nice captures!!

Heather said...

Carol, Ranten and Mast: Thank you, and thanks for visiting!

Jana said...

Beautiful! :)

Heather said...

Thanks, Jana!