Monday, October 17, 2005

Black Walnuts

A sure sign of October are the droppings from the walnut tree behind our place. Naturally its nuts seem to fall on our side of the fence, rather than the property it stands on. The squirrels and raccoons love it, but it makes exiting via the south entrance of our building a bit treacherous this time of year, especially when wet or icy. Few people stoop to scoop them up, instead smashing them under foot or kicking them out of the way in disgust. I read somewhere that a family good make good money off one walnut tree.

Found a beautiful poem online about Black Walnuts, and for those interested in learning about them or in cooking with walnuts, check out (who knew there was a website devoted entirely to the walnut? They even have a trivia quiz and activities for kids!).

Long, busy weekend here. Fun, but it left me tired and achey, so will report in on the Wisconsin Book Festival later.

Photo by H.L. Lester, October 2005

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Jana said...

Wow! I know a bunch of folks that would love to have those walnuts. Did you know that walnuts have the same nutritional value (healthy fatty acids) that tuna and salmon have? So if you don't like tuna or salmon, eat walnuts. ;-)

I imagine they do make a mess though. The apartment my sister lived in pre-marriage had a pecan tree our front that partially hung over the parking lot. Lots of crunched pecans. lol