Saturday, October 22, 2005

Friday's journey or, I must be masochistic

You'd think the seven or eight miles last Friday, and about half that on Saturday would have been enough long walks for a while, but what did I do yesterday? Seeing as it was one of the remaining fairly decent fall days, even if it were a bit chilly, and I was off work around 3:30pm, I decided to walk the 7.5 miles home. On a good day I can walk a mile in fifteen minutes, so figured it should only take me about two hours.

Yes, apparently I truly am masochistic. :(

I arrived home about three hours later, owing to a couple of stops. I had my camera with me, so paused occasionally to take a few pictures, stopping maybe 15-20 minutes at Eplegaarden alone. "Eplegaarden" is Norsk for "apple orchard" and as the name implies, they have acres and acres of apple trees. What they are also known for are pumpkins. Tons of them. I stopped first at a small pumpkin patch near the main road -- and when I say "small" I mean both that it was a small patch and it was filled with really small pumpkins. This is the patch daycares and the younger school children visit, as they are just right for little arms.

On the other side of the parking lot that never seems big enough during weekends in October, is a larger patch, with pumpkins of every size, color and shape known to pumpkins. No monster huge ones, but I saw some pretty big ones. This patch stretches for acres between the road and off behind the farm buildings, plus there other patches off in the distance! It was tempting to tarry there, to go inside the market and see what they had to offer, but I didn't dare for fear I'd end up browsing an hour or more. Besides apples and pumpkins they also grow raspberries and several vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers and broccoli and sell homemade jams and pies. See? Way too much temptation, and I still had miles to go.

About a half mile after Eplegaarden, I heard the sound of an engine. Not unusual considering I was walking along a rural highway amid farm country, but even I could tell it was not the sound of an automobile or tractor. As it grew closer I discerned that it sounded a bit like a plane, but definitely not a commercial jet. I looked up and saw...a tiny little ultralight! Very cool, but NOT something I'd be tempted to fly in myself. I've been in a small four-seater before, and that was small enough for me, thank you (that was the same day I got to experience a helicopter simulator...very cool!).

So...I continue on another half mile or so to the next "landmark" along this route I usually travel by car. I was hoping the Scottish Highland Cattle would be near the road so I could take a few pics, but no -- they were quite uncooperative, though, being at the far end of the pasture. If you've never seen one of these, they are really cute, and are supposed to be the hardiest breed of cattle. One of my bosses calls them "shaggy cows" because, well -- they have long, shaggy coats. Here's a pic found online:

A bit down from there, on the right, are the veal cutlets. Sadly, not joking. This farm raises calves to be sold for veal. They 're very cute, though, and I especially had to laugh at them on Friday. As I approched the farm, several in the pen near the road lifted their heads, their gazes following me as I walked along, some even turning to keep me in sight as I went by. Even funnier -- upon seeing me, several near the back of the pen came galloping to the front rail to watch me go by. I couldn't help but laugh!

The landmarks came a bit faster after that: the small power station, after which I regained a bike lane to walk in (much safer!); the corner with the community swimming pool; the lights at Cty PD, at which intersection LMNO'Pies is located (and yes, I felt stopping was rather well-deserved--bought muffins for breakfast, a brownie, and a Door County Cherry pie bite to eat immediately as I was starting to get hungry and had about two miles left to go); Dunn's Marsh; and finally, the last stretch of road leading home. Thankfully, that final mile went fast!

Arrived home in plenty of time to eat dinner before "Ghost Whisperer" came on, and savored half of the raspberry cream cheese brownie while watching "Numb3rs" (ate the other half tonight). What I did not do much of when I got home was move, and a hot shower was much-needed before bed, which was "early" for me. Have been a little sore today, but not too bad. No blisters on my feet, anyway, which I was worried about the way one sock kept bunching under my foot. Went to the grocery store, vacuumed and changed sheets on my bed -- figured that was plenty activity for today. Tomorrow I may attempt some laundry.

It's also the time of year that I become busier with crafts. Last weekend several of us gathered at a friend's for a Christmas card making party. One friend finished hers completely (she had them started before then), and I'm about 2/3 done with mine. The task seems to go much faster when working and chatting with other people -- plus you can get some great ideas for future projects, or help and suggestions if stumped. Not to mention the chance to borrow a stamp set or two that a friend has and you don't. *grin* Have worked on my cards a bit the past week, but need a trip to Michael's for more of the ribbon I am using in them. I only hope they have the one I need, or at least something close to it!

Have also been cross-stitching like crazy. I bought a kit of "Victorian ornaments" several years ago that makes 50, two each of 25 designs, and only Just one of the many projects I need to finish. And I am. Since the beginning of the month I have done 36 (two each of 18), and am half-done with another two. Since it makes two of each pattern, I have been doing two at once. I think it goes much faster, since there is less switching of floss. Of course, I still need to cut out the shapes (they are circles, ovals and stockings) and glue on the felt backing, but the bulk of the work -- the stitching -- is going well. Now to get going on the larger projects I need to complete before New Year's Eve, when friends and I exchange gifts.

Definitely past time for bed now. Will try to post more on Book Fest (Saturday events) the next day or so.


Jana said...

Goodness gracious, woman! lol Sounds like the walk was interesting but sheesh! 7 something miles?? I'd have croaked after the first one. lol You must be in awesome shape!

Oh, and wasn't Ghost Whisperer good Fri. night? How funny that the dog didn't cross over. hehehehe

Heather said...

Awesome shape? Ha! Not hardly. I used to walk 2-4 miles five days a week, back when work was within reasonable walking distance (just over 2 miles one way). Since we moved out to the boonies a couple years ago I haven't been walking as regularly as I was. I mean, I do walk quite a bit, especially since I don't drive, but not near as often as I should. Some days it's just too hard to get motivated, lol.

And yes! "Ghost Whisperer" was pretty good (though "Numb3rs" was better, hehe). I knew the old guy had to be connected to the orphanage, and thought the dog too funny at the end. Guess the boys forgot the dog when they crossed over, LOL.

Maggie Nash said...

THis Ghost Whisperer sounds intriguing! We don't have it here in Oz yet...

And you are masochistic. You're supposed to get fit BEFORE you go on those long hauls!