Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First Snow!

This picture was actually taken two seasons ago, and it doesn't look quite like this outside, but after a day of cold rain and drizzle, night brought our first covering of snow. Not much, just enough to cover the grass and roofs of cars. Definitely a harbinger of weather to come: more is expected through the weekend.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Jana said...

Snow! Gracious, we just sat through a humid night of tornado warnings and ya'll got frickin snow. Where in the rule books does it say that's fair? LOL

Nah, it's pretty darn cold this morning considering that all last week up to yesterday we had temps in the 80's and today is a coat and gloves day. Weather is sooo unpredictable.

Enjoy the snow, though. Oh, and I love the pic, too. One of these days I'll have to post the pics I took about 5 years ago...the last time we had snow that stuck. ;)

Heather said...

I saw that Paris, TN got hit by two twisters last night. That's just nuts in November! At least snow this time of year is normal for us.

The word for today is FRIGID. High is only supposed to be 29, and we were a couple degrees off that with a windchill of 16 when I left for work. And did I mention the wind? Gusts up to 40mph today. Brrr!

And the stupid construction crew had the back door propped open first thing this morning. It had already been standing wide open to the elements for two hours when I left. It's going to take forever to warm the place up tonight. Grrr. I wish they'd hurry up and finish. I'm tired of the constant noise and inconveniences. They've been at it three months now!

Laura said...

Hee hee, we had 29 today here in Oz, Celcius that is. So out came the sunscreen, the hats, the shorts...and the cricket bat! Woo-hoo, with all of us smelling like sunscreen (which just reminds me of summer), it was a fantastic afternoon. Who thought 15 year olds could be fun?