Monday, January 09, 2006

Annie C. Stewart Fountain

The Annie C. Stewart Memorial Fountain at the old Vilas Zoo entrance has long been a favorite, long-neglected site of mine. As kids, my sisters and I would play near the fountain, and it saddens me that it has fallen into such disrepair as it has, with walls of the fountain crumbling and ornamentation chipped off the base of both the statue and the fountain base. The fountain was completed in 1925, and it was intended that water always be flowing through the conch shells, which were to also serve as drinking fountains, filling the 21 foot diameter basin where fish were to swim. Whether that plan ever saw ruition I do not know.


Jana said...

Wow! Another great picture, Trix! It is always sad to see such beautiful things neglected.

Heather said...

Tell me about it! I hate how neglected this fountain has been, allowed to crumble and decay because no one seems to care - or, like me, those who do care don't have the funds to do something about it.

Part of the problem is that, few people enter the park via the park on Erin Street anymore, therefore, almost no one sees it. I wish they would relocate it someplace where it could truly be appreciated - Olbrich Gardens, for example. I think it would fit in beautifully there, whether they chose to hook it up to water or not.

Okay, so now you know one of the things I'd do if I ever hit the lottery.