Monday, January 16, 2006

Lake Curry or, Winter Hazards

Ah, the joys of a cold winter. These were taken the Tuesday night (yes, night--that's how bright the flood light was!) before Christmas from my living room window. The one seems a bit blurry partly from reflection of the glass, and partly from the steam rising into the air. Just off to the left of the picture sits the plumber's utility truck and a backhoe. I had a pic of the water bubbling out of the cracked asphalt, just before they started digging, but apparently the flash wasn't turned off as thought, causing major glare and blotting out the image.

Since this night I've learned that some of the reasons it took so long for them to repair it (12 annoying hours!) were because they had an equipement failure, and no one -- that's right no one -- in Madison or Fitchburg seemed to know where the water shut-off valve was for this property. I find this difficult to believe, considering we've been here ten years and there have been at least three previous incidents -- one of which was in the same area as this last one. Apparently they thought the water was off, started digging, and ended up with the lake pictured above. Which naturally caused even more problems -- at no less than $1000 an hour!

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