Monday, March 06, 2006

Do Not Feed the Iron Workers

Sign posted outside the area where they have built
a carousel in the children's zoo.
Henry Vilas Zoo; Madison, WI (Sept 2005)


Lynn Daniels said...

That's too funny.

Jana said...

ROFLOL Too funny. Wonder if the iron workers bite? ;-)

Heather said...

Don't know - there wasn't a sign indicating whether they were "tame" or not. lol They were a huge attraction, though. The day I was there, people of all ages stopped to watch as iron beams were hefted into place by cranes and iron workers. The carousel pavilion has since gained a roof and the inside has been painted.

(Info and pics on the carosel: )

BTW, the Henry Vilas Zoo is one of the few free zoos left in the States. Yes, FREE. As in no admission and no parking. It is supported entirely by donations.

Annalee Blysse said...

LOL. I have to brothers who are Iron Workers.

Heather said...

Annalee said: I have two brothers who are Iron Workers.

So tell you feed them, and do they bite? And if they bite are they single? Jana wants to know.... *weg*

Annalee Blysse said...

One is dating, the other single! He sometimes bites. The other day I was teasing him while cranky and made him mad. My fault though!

Jana said...

hehehehe Hmmmmm...I'm thinking a field test is in order.:-D

Heather said... sure to share your findings. ;-D