Saturday, April 29, 2006

Making Connections

I admit it, some days I'm a bit slow in making connections. For example, Wednesday evening I finished reading the June issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, which included the short story "Breathing a Fine Stone Mist" by one Robert Gray. I never made the connection between the author and the writer of a blog I regularly read, Fresh Eyes Now, until he blogged about it Thursday.

Talk about your DUH moments....

And then there are times my mind works pretty well.

Case in point? This month's issue of Madison Magazine was a special issue commemorating the city's sesquicential. Included in the issue was a brief history of some of Madison's popular dining spots over the years. I was surprised that a place we had been a couple times when I was a child wasn't listed, but couldn't remember the name, other than that it began with a "G" and was at least three syllables long. It was an Italian place, and I remember that it was on one of down town Madison's funky corners. It was dimly lit, and to your right was a flight of stairs to an upper dining level, while a couple steps down was another seating area. When I questioned my mom about it, she had no idea what I was talking about.

So then I'm reading the Thursday "Rhythm" section of the newspaper, which contains movie listings and reviews, upcoming events, and a dining guide, complete with a different restaurant review each week. One of the two featured this week was Gino's, an Italian eatery up on State Street best known for its pizza. And owner Gino's last name? Gargano. The same as the restaurant we had gone to decades ago. I have no idea how long Gargano's had been in Madison, nor do I remember when it closed -- but it's nice to know my mind isn't completely faulty.

Just for kicks I thought I'd try googling "Gargano's, Madison" and see what came up. Two items from the Isthmus' website The Daily Page came up, one for Gino's and the other Bellini's, both owned by the same family and in which a passing reference to Gargano's is made. Guess I'm not losing my mind quite yet afterall....

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