Saturday, June 10, 2006

Scenic Madison

A few views from scenic Madison...

The State Capitol, rising above the tree-rimmed Square. We visited the lower Observation Deck, where you see the long, narrow windows that are rounded at the top. Visitors have not been allowed up to the higher decks in decades. The Capitol is centered on the mile-wide isthmus that separates Lakes Mendota and Monona, Madison's two larger lakes -- the smaller two being Wingra (near Vilas Zoo) and Wabesa. The building is topped by a gilded bronze statue called "Wisconsin." She holds a globe with an eagle perched on it in her left hand, and wears a badger (the state animal) as a helmet.

Statues adorning the piedmonts of the lower observation deck.

Looking from the Observation Deck down State Street towards the campus of the University of Wisconsin. The Orpheum Theater is one of the few old theaters in town that hasn't been torn down. They currently show art films, host bands and other local events. As you can see by the industrial cranes in the background, there is a LOT of building going on around the city...more's the pity.

More statues atop the Capitol.

Looking from the Capitol down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard towards the Monona Terrace Convention Center and Lake Monona beyond. Although it isn't a clear view of Monona Terrace, you can see some of the trees of the rooftop garden, from which there is a beautiful view of the cool waters below. The tents were vendors at Cows on the Concourse (an annual June Dairy Month event), except for the large one at the end of the street, where they had several cows and calves for people to pet (yes, pet!).

During July, when Art Fair on the Square comes to Madison, the first block of Martin Luther becomes a food court, with the second block down to the Monona Terrace hosting Art Fair Off the Square. Art Fair features artisans from across North America, whereas the affair Off the Square is local artists only.

Looking from the Observation Deck down Wisconsin Avenue towards Lake Mendota. This street is exactly opposite Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (above pic), and just to the right of State Street. There are eight major streets radiating from the Capitol Square. I believe both of these buildings are condos, with retail at street level. As is the unfortunate fashion in the greater downtown area these days, most of the beautiful old historic buildings have been razed and replaced with ugly modern behemoths.

Grace Episcopal Church on the Capitol Square, corner of Carroll and West Washington Avenue, as seen from the Capitol Observation Deck.


Latesha said...

What awesome pictures. You've got an eye for detail. Makes me want to visit and see these sights in person.

Heather said...

Hey, my couch is your couch anytime you want to come visit! Then you can spoil The Whiner all you want! ;-D