Friday, July 14, 2006

CowParade: Miss Moolah

Miss Moolah
Location: W. Mifflin on the Capitol Square
Artist: Deb Gerling
Sponsor: AMCORE Bank

Another of my niece from Florida, this time with Miss Moolah, taken the first day of CowParade. Sadly, Miss Moolah’s presence has been missing from the Capitol Square for the last few weeks. She has been in the “mooternity ward” undergoing repairs, which should serve as a reminder to all: touch them, photograph them, laugh and joke about them – but remember, these are delicate works of art and when someone breaks or otherwise damages them, it means many others won’t get the chance to enjoy them as well. Here’s hoping Miss Moolah will be back among her herd soon!
Oh, and for anyone trying to figure out what the heck this one is supposed to be, check out the sponsor. That should be all the clue you need. ;-)


Tempest Knight said...

Hm... I know it's a cow. But what's the piggy nose?

Babe King said...

A very mooving story. Fixing those things would be a real cow, and you'd only get heifer job done before lunch. I guess the udder half before the going home horn blows. Ah, milking it for all its worth but I guess you've herd enough bull for one dias.

Heather said...

Hi Tempest! Did you read the clue hidden in the sponsor name? *wg*

Babe~ ROFL...whatever are we to do with you? Of cowse, you could be right. ;-)

Heather Rae Scott said...

She's a piggy bank or a cow-y bank. Verra clever, athough at first glance, I thought maybe she was the explanation for what meat is meat taken off the cow...blech...makes me not want to eat hamburger or steak for half a second...LOL

Heather said...

You are correct, and ROFL at what you first thought it was. Thankfully, none of the artists were THAT cruel. Although...I was a wee bit scared as to what one titles "Sir Loin" might look like. Turns out he's another one of the psychedelic cows.