Thursday, August 10, 2006

CowParade: Dream Cow

Dream Cow
Location: Capitol grounds, King St. Corner
Artist: Don Spencer
Sponsor: Veridian Homes Foundation

What do cows dream? Sweet, grassy fields, oats and hay? Clear cold springs that quench the thirst and sunny blue skies overhead? Softly rolling farmlands and a cool breeze to chase the flies away? What do cows dream? Do they dream of meadows far away? Buttercups and Queen Anne's Lace tasted through a weathered fence? Sweet clover to roll in, corn for munching and sunflowers with faces tipped upward? What do cows dream...?

Another one of the mosaic cows, this one features tiny reflective tiles in a rainbow of colors. I can’t even imagine how much work went into matching up tile edges so that every surface was evenly covered. Taken around 7pm in the shaded grounds of the State Capitol, I realize the pic is a little dark, and the word "DREAM" spelled out along the cow's spine barely discernible, but it is a beauty. The crowd in the background is from the first of this year's Concerts on the Square, which was the last week of June. Hard to believe this season’s concerts are now a distant memory, the last of the six-week series having been last week.


Babe King said...

Cows don't dream, they go to the moo-vies to be bed-azzled :-)

selina_loves_jellybeans said...

hi, i enjoyed looking thru ur blog.i'm new to this thing and would appreciate it if you came to visit my page and clicked yes to my pic. i know i may seem ego-centric, but nevertheless pretty pretty please (and with sugar on top);-)
i was in moscow last summer - there were hundreds of cows in the city center. one could even purchase a cow and the money went to charity

Jana said...

ROFL Babe King!

Lovely pix, Trix. ;-) The rear funny.

Heather said...

Babe~ You crack me up, as always. LOL What about sheep? Do they dream? Or are they too busy being counted they never sleep?

Jana~ Why thank you...That last one was specially for you, of course. ;-D

Selina~ Thanks for stopping by! I heard there had been a CowParade in Moscow, and so good to know the money from all such events go to local charities. Here, money will go to a new children's hospital currently under construction.