Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CowParade: Mookal Leckrone

Mookal Lekrone
Location: In front of Humanities building, University Ave.
Artist: Emily Gritt
Sponsor: University of Wisconsin Band

Yesterday I shared an article from the Wisconsin State Journal on CowParade’s “Cow doctor,” Emily Gritt. The article mentioned that she had designed two of the 101 cows featured in the event, both of which had fallen prey to vandals. This is one of her creations, named for famed UW band director Michael Leckrone, a Wisconsin icon and beloved Madisonian. He has been band director at the UW for more than 30 years, has performed at three Rose Bowl games, and numerous other bowl games, not to mention many "Fifth Quarter" shows following Badger home football games. Less than three weeks until the first game of this season! That is he in the bottom pictures.


Jana said...

Neat! There's a bit of a resemblance there. LOL!

Amanda Brice said...

You have the funniest pictures!

Heather said...

Jana~ LOL

Amanda~ What can I say? I live in Madison. Hehe....