Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CowParade: Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism
Location: Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Artist: Jenny Steinman Heyden
Sponsor: Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

I hope this one makes you laugh as much as it does all those who walk past it. *grin* One side shows a pastoral scene, while the other shows the Capitol and Monona Terrace Convention Center.

Sadly, this one has seen extensive damage since I took this photo. The dog was ripped off the back, and other animals were also damaged — which means a lot of work for the artist to get this one ready for the auction in November. I did take pics of the damaged cow while downtown for The Taste of Madison earlier this month, but have yet to upload them to the computer.


Lynn Daniels said...

I LOVE this cow! It did make me laugh.

Damage? Do you mean damage from natural causes or did some thoughtless boob actually walk up and try to pull it apart?

Jana said...

How adorable. I did giggle a bit. ;-)

Too bad about the damage. Why people can't respect what isn't theirs is beyond me.

Heather said...

Lynn~ While some damage may have been cused by the severe storms we had in August, it looked like the dog had been ripped/broken off the back of the magnet. It may have been someone's kid trying to hang off of it, may have been pure vandelism. In any case, it's utter (udder? *grin*) disrespect for the art and the artist who put so many hours into her work.

Heather said...

Jana~ Glad it brought a bright spot to your day!