Monday, October 02, 2006

CowParade: Cow Boom

Cow Boom
Location: Best Western InnTowner, corner of University and Highland
Artist: Kate Alt
Sponsor: Best Western InnTowner and the Highland Club

Yes! I finally got the last of my cows today. There were supposed to be 101 cows on display in the Madison area, but one was apparently never completed, and five of them are in Sun Prairie, which I have no way of getting to. Which left 95 cows in Madison and Fitchburg, and “Cow Boom” was the last one I needed. It is miles out University Avenue, away from all the other herds and stands alone at the Best Western. Between the hotel parking lot and high traffic volumn of this corner it was a bit difficult to get an uncluttered photo, but I tried my best. I love the reflection of the Capitol in the water below, and check out the fireworks inside one of the cow's ears.

This weekend was the annual “Talking Spirits” tour at historic Forest Hill Cemetery, and — being the intelligent woman I am (no comments from the gallery!) — I happened to think that Speedway Road was only a few blocks south of University and this final bovine might be within walking distance. Sure enough, upon consulting a map I found it was a mere three blocks north of the cemetery. I didn’t even have to travel east or west once I reached University, as the hotel is right on the corner of University and Highland — Highland being a part of the odd junction of Speedway, Regent, Highland and the entrance to Resurrection Cemetery. Resurrection is across the street from Forest Hill Cemetery. Weird, I know, having two large cemeteries adjacent to one another. Resurrection is the “Catholic” cemetery in Madison, whereas many different faiths are represented at Forest Hill.

Any way, we had a beautiful October day, and the tour was one of the most interesting to date. This year’s focus was on Madisonians who served during the Civil War — a couple of generals, a surgeon, a Union POW and a woman who tended Confeserate Rest for 30 years. Yes, I took notes and pictures, and even had the pics developed right after. The photos are now uploaded to the computer and I hope to start a write-up on the event starting Tuesday, so be sure to check back then!

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