Sunday, October 22, 2006

CowParade: Marbelized

Location: Bassett and West Washington Ave.
Artist: Thomas Skupniewitz
Sponsor: Keller Real Estate Group

Though many braved the elements this weekend—wind, rain and snow—to attend the Wisconsin Book Festival, downtown Madison felt a bit empty, all the cows having been herded last Friday. A little sad that they were rounded up before Book Fest, but probably a good thing considering last night’s snow and Halloween rapidly approaching. Believe it or not, there are still about 30 cows I’ve yet to post. Will have to sprinkle them in here and there! I know this one doesn't look like much, but when viewed up close, it does have the look of marble. You can see some of the "veins" of the marble in the head shot.

Despite the chilly weekend on the isthmus, I did manage to get to four events both Saturday and Sunday, and will be back to post on some of them when I’m not quite so exhausted. And warmer. The one thing I dislike about the Book Festival is how spread out everything is, with some events taking place a mile apart and little to no time to get from the top of State Street to the Library Mall a mile away. Just scurrying from the State Historical Museum down to the Overture Center chilled one to the marrow.

And then there were all the overlapping events today at the State Historical Museum. My cat could have done a better scheduling job, but as I said, more on that later.

(Edited to add: Note that linked to yet another cow pic, but NOT to last week's article on Romance vs Plato -- effectively demonstrating the snobbishness of the literati.)


Jana said...

A Book Festival? Okay. That seals it. I'm moving to Madison. LOL

Heather said...

Yup...Book Festival. Five days of events with LOTS of different subjects and authors featured. How soon you are you moving north? *WEG*

Jana said...

Soon as winter's over. LOL

Heather said...

Hehe...WIMP! ;-)

Babe King said...

So does that make the literati COWards?
Sorry you're feeling the cold. You could always migrate to Oz and miss the US Winter. We are moving into Summer here. I'm wearing shorts. I'm eating asparagus. It's toasty. Convinced you yet? :-)

Heather said...

So does that make the literati COWards?

LOL Babe, I suppose it does! *WG*

While my favorite season is autumn (which we seem to be skipping this year), I confess that I generally do like the snow -- it's the extreme cold I can't stand. Judging by the way my knees have been aching all day, we must have another big weather system moving in. Oh, yay!

(PS: I'll have to pass on the asparagus, yuck! Tim Tams, OTOH...)

Jana said...

:-P Trix I'm southern. It gets below 75 and I'm freezin'! LOL

Now, I might could be convinced to move to Australia right luck, though, I'd get lost in the Outback never to be seen or heard from again.


Heather said...

As I said -- wimp! 75 is just right. That's the kind of weather we dream about up here, year round.