Saturday, November 18, 2006

Provencial Autumn

One of the fruits of this afternoon's labor. I made about a dozen cards in all, mostly Thanksgiving cards for a few friends and family, but also this one for the week's sketch challenge (SC98) which featured the slanted cut of the card front. Stamps used are Houndstooth, Provencal and Petite Patterns. Cardstock and Ink are Pumpkin Pie and Summer Sun. Ribbon is recycled from a gift basket received a few months ago. All materials except the ribbon are by Stampin' Up!

Sunday morning I will be joining a group of friends for the annual One of a Kind Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Show at the Alliant Enegry Center's Exhibition Hall. This is always a dangerous event for those of us who scrapbook and make our own cards. Too many great stamps and other innovative products under one roof can prove quite tempting. The key, of course, is to make a list of items you really want to look for and to set a budget. NOT that that always works!

In addition to some card crafting, I also spent a portion of the day working on the last big Christmas cross-stitch present of this year. There are six main images, a border along either side, and a dozen random stars. Progress after nearly two weeks: Two images are completely done, another half way there, and the border along the righthand side and one star are also done. Provided I keep up the pace, I might actually finish by New Year's Eve, when friends and I celebrate Christmas together.

Of course, I still have 130 Christmas cards to make before the end of the month. Rose is bringing my cardstock order with her to the stamp expo Sunday, so I will be busy cutting and stamping while watching "Cold Case." Here's hoping I don't knick a finger!


Jana said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous.

Heather said...

Thanks, Jana! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! My MIL, who lived for some years in Europe, would love this card! Thanks for sharing that.

Nichole Ellis said...

Another great card, H! 130 Christmas cards?

Please don't bleed all over your pretty cardstock. Rose would be displeased. Then again, maybe not, you'd have to order more, lol.

Have fun on Sunday. I'll be wishing I were with you all.


Heather said...

Thanks, Jolie! Another she might like in the same style is Travel Sketchbook. Provencal was a level 2 hostess set last year, and TS was from a mini catalog, but you can probably find them on eBay or the buy/sell/trade board at

Tam~ Yes, 130 cards: 50 for L, 80 for me. I always make extra of mine just in case, then donate whatever I don't use the next year. Haven't sliced a finger so far. Got all of the pieces for L's cut and the bases scored on Sunday, then two smaller pieces for hers stamped yesterday. Just need to stamp the card bases and start piecing together tonight.

I also got some of the parts for mine done. Bases are cut and double scored, and red pieces cut. Still need to cut small celery squares, small vanilla squares, and stamp and cut large vanilla pieces. Hehe...intrigued yet? *WEG*

Heather said...

We did have a good time at the Expo on Sunday. We had a group of seven meet there, and then another person we knew joined us after we'd been there a couple hours. I found a few stamps that were on my list, and even stayed below what I had budgeted. Yay me! Will have to take a few minutes later to play with one of the stamps I got and get it posted. It's really cute, and well-suited to my summer.

Amanda Brice said...

Those are SOOOO beautiful! Man, I wish I were so talented.

Man oh man, though...130 cards? Yikes!

Heather said...

Thanks Amanda, and yup -- 130!

When it's so many of the same design, though, it goes a lot faster than it sounds. Once I settle on a design it's just a matter of measuring each piece to figure out how much cardstock in each color I'll need, then I do all the cutting at once (1-2 hours tops), then whatever the next step is in the assembly process. Much, much faster than doing 175 different cards like those I did for the troops (see earlier post). Since I work on them while watching TV, it makes the time fly by and I'm not "wasting" time just vegging in front of the tube.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather!! I'll scour ebay for them over the next couple of months, and maybe I'll get lucky!!