Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Greeting from Baghdad

More of the cards for troops sent this year

Received this in my email this morning -- talk about an uplifting Christmas present!


Thanks so much for the box of cards. I was not even going to send home Christmas greetings but when I saw the cards I could not help but think wow this card would be great for Grandma or Aunt Ruth. So I got a whole group of friends together and we had a Christmas card party....we put the box in the middle and each person picked out a card for someone on their list and wrote them Christmas greetings....we ended up laughing and telling stories of funny Christmases past and I learned a lot about some of my friends I did not the end of the night we all had our cards done and still had cards left--- so we put them in the dining hall with a free Christmas card sign and the soldiers were drawn to them like bees to honey---and the cards were gone faster than we could eat our meal----each of my friends asked me to THANK you and the women who supply us with cards for the wonderful uplifting act of kindness...we will never be able to repay you but we all agree when we get home we are going to learn how to make cards for you to send.... Jess wanted to know if you take cards that look like a gradeschooler made them....we are all sure we will not be as good as you all! But Merry Christmas to each of you from all of us here in Baghdad.

Sgt Heather and friends

This is what Christmas is all about...that what may seem the smallest act of kindness and unselfishness may be appreciated by someone, somewhere. I know sending homemade cards over for troops to send back to their friends and families may not seem like much to some, but the above letter shows that to others it is everything. Receiving this note is all the inspiration I need to start in on some Birthday and Valentine cards to send out next month. I'm off to start crafting!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Sharing this Heather!

Merry Christmas, Kate

Latesha said...

What beautiful cards. I'm so glad to see that someone's spirits were lifted by your acts of kindness.