Thursday, January 18, 2007

He Said, She Said Online Writing Workshop

Brought to my attention from a fellow Romance Diva....

2007 Online Writing Workshop
A year-long workshop, updated twice weekly, on the craft of writing a novel presented by NY Times best-selling authors Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer who have over 45 books published between them.

This month they are concentrating on "The Heart of the Story," which includes the following topics:

1. The One Sentence Idea
2. Situational vs. Character Ideas
3. Protagonist & Antagonist
4. The Central Question & Conflict Box
5. Outlining

So far they have posted on the first three. Looks to be a valuable FREE resource for any writer, especially perhaps for novices, but the "veterans" as well. There's always something knew to learn, or something in your writing that can be improved upon.

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Jana said...

I was actually following this the first week or so but you know me...if it looks like organized learning my brain shorts out and goes on vacation! LOL I loved their previous blog but can't seem to get into this one. My fault, not theirs. I still love 'em. ;)