Monday, January 29, 2007

Touch of Nature

Yikes! Can't believe I haven't posted anything new since last Monday. I meant to, I really did. In my own defense...I've been sick with a horrible head-throbbing cold. Not exactly conducive to creativity, KWIM? Anyway, realized I still had a couple of the "Touch of Nature" cards from a couple weeks ago that I had not posted, so here they are.

Both use SU paper scraps for the matted images and were colored with Le Plume markers. The top one uses a piece from the DCWV "Old World" paper stack; I have no idea who the pretty teal paper in the bottom one is by -- it was another scrap I had lying around. Bottom one also uses the smallest McGills oval punch and the greeting is from SU's Noteworthy set.

Top card is your standard 5.5 x 4.25. The bottom one is a long card that measures 3.5 x 6.25 and fits a regular envelope.


Babe King said...

Hope your haed cold is gone, Heather, coz some wicked friend has tagged you again. Um, that would be me. :-o

Heather said...

Still working through the cold, only on day 4, so another couple days for it to run its course. On the plus side, I can actually sort of breath now; on the downside...I'm getting into the coughing phase. My poor throat! Do you know how much I hate NOT being able to sing along with the radio??

And yes, I saw that someone (YOU) were up to your nasty tricks again. You Aussies can be such problem children! LOL

Jana said...

Passes Trix a cough drop

Here I was getting ready to blast you with something along the lines of "Sure, you didn't realize you hadn't posted! Uh-huh." and then you had to go and say you were sick. Now I gots to be all nice and crap.


Hope you get over the cough and crud soon. And I can sooooo understand your pain at not being able to sing along with the radio. It's like...TORTURE to have to sing silently in your head when a really good top of your lungs song comes on. TORTURE!

Oh, and love the cards.*vbg*

Heather said...

Hehe...I know how difficult being nice is for you. The pressure must be killing you! *WEG*

We're up to the coughing-up-a-lung (and other stuff) stage. Yuck! The sole consolation is how much it must be annoying my upstairs neighbors. *snicker*