Monday, March 19, 2007

Cow Are Ya?

Tried to play around a bit tonight with some of the new SU stamp sets my (former) demo brought by last week. This one didn't turn out quite the way i originally envisioned it, but I guess it works. I had birthday and Easter cards I really needed to be working on, but needed to play with this idea while it was still in my head, KWIM?

The cow is from one of the SU Sell-a-Bration sets, Very Punny, but rather than use the sentiment attached to the stamp (like no udder), I hand-wrote my own little greeting--a slight play on words. What else would people expect from me? *Big grin*

Stamps: Very Punny (SU), Cow spot (Inky Antics), Ink: Basic Black; Paper: White, Black, Real Red, scrap of cow-print designer paper (the Certainly Celery is NOT a part of the card--I just scanned against a piece of that so the B&W card would show up better); Accessories: Black and pink markers (Le Plume II)

Now for that comment about my demo being my "former" demo...*sniff* Due to the way she was treated by SU over a situation stemming from last fall, she has decided that SU no longer deserves her as a sales representative, so her last day was the 15th. She will continue to host open stamping at her house on a monthly basis, and will be glad to teach new techniques to those who attend, but she will no longer be giving SU workshops or placing orders, and I have to tell you -- she was THE BEST DEMO EVER. SU has no idea how great a person they've just lost -- not to mention how many people I know who will no longer be ordering from them.

To make this knews even more dismal, my "backup demo" is also thinking of getting out of SU, for completely different reasons. Which leaves me no way to spend my money on the spring mini or upcoming retiring list. Okay, so that might not be a bad thing as far as the bank account is concerned, but still... We have been told that we can order through her upline (who has not as yet contected any of her customers), but to be honest -- though she was actually my first demo, I never felt all that comfortable with her and going back to her after all these years feels a bit ackward, to say the least. *Sigh* I'm sure it will all get sorted out eventually, but for now...there are a lot of loyal SU customers currently in limbo.


Jana said...

Oy! That sucks. Your demo quitting...not the card. The card is really cute. But your demo quitting, that sucks royally. I know how irritating that can be. Hopefully you'll find someone you love just as much. Or maybe you could think about doing it yourself??? ;-)

Heather said...

Yes, it does indeed suck. I do know a fourth demo, but my issues with her are completely different than the issues with demo #3. Demo #4 is the sister of a HS friend - one of those people so busy keeping up with the Joneses and trying to maintain the status quo that she rarely has time for old friends.

This particulary friend rarely invites us to anything, and if she does it's usually something she wants us to spend money at - but then does not reciprocate and attend your workshops or parties. I like her sister okay, but don't feel that the amount I spend on my orders would be kept confidential (yes, I have no doubt she would share that info with her sister) and I don't think it's anyone else's business how much I spend - especially someone who seems to judge people by how much they make. Which is why, although we keep in sporadic contact, I am never included in her social group.

As for my being a demo...though my former demo thinks I would make a good one, there are many things holding me back. First, I don't drive - don't even have the desire to, and even if I did there's no way I could afford a car and its upkeep any time soon.

Two, considering my rude-ass neighbors, hosting workshops at my place is a definite no-go. Guests tend to leave early because they can't stand the music/loud noise filtering into my apartment from 15 & 16. Heck, half the time I feel run out of my own living room because of them.

Three, I have attempted to host workshops on two occasions over the past five years. The problem is, I invite 20 people and only two attend. If I can't get all my crafty friends and family to come to a workshop, what hope do I have of getting them to host one for me as a demo?

Also, Working for such a small company, I don't have the contacts my demo friends have, and though a couple people would probably host workshops to get me started, I know others (Sherrie!) would not. It would be a struggle to make the quarterly minimum.

So...since the negatives out-weigh the positives, I won't be donning the demo hat any time soon.

Jana said...

Gotcha! I understand completely. Most of the reasons you listed are why I never got into being a demo for the Southern Living At Home stuff.

And eww! on the demo #4 telling folks your business. That's so rude. Can't stand people like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh this card brought a great big beaming smile to my face... cool

Heather said...

Thanks Chris, I'm glad you like. Thanks for visiting!