Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Jericho" fans Say "Nuts!" to CBS

This is absolutely amazing! I came across this article via the SCS "Jericho" thread tonight and think it worth sharing, if for no other reason than to show what a bit of determination and organization can do. I was not aware of the “NUTS” campaign, but apparently it is 'one of several grassroots efforts by the fans of the recently cancelled CBS series “Jericho,”' with tons of nuts being delivered to the network so far. One can only wonder what the "Powers That Be" at CBS are making of this campaign.

Read the article:
Shipping Nuts: NutsOnline For Jericho

As one commenter to the post stated, "This is not for Jericho alone. Part of the passion is to make a stand against the dumming [sic] down of America and the encouragement of sheep. We are insisting that it is time for a change of course."

Amen to that!

I'm among the many who are fed up with the endless "reality" programs, stupid game shows, and tripe that plague the networks. Not just the big four, but cable channels as well. In putting together last week's Thursday Thirteen, it occured to me that one thing missing from current programming are family television shows. Think back to the 70s and 80s. There were a lot of great sitcoms that appealed not just to parents, but to kids as well. Name one sitcom currently running that can be labeled family programming. There isn't a one. Nada. Zip. Zilch. And this doesn't extend solely to sitcoms, but current programming in general. While some shows may be okay for older teens, most shows today are simply not suitable for family viewing. We need a return to quality television programs and an end to the mindless drivel saturating the airwaves.

Whether or not the nuts campaign is successful, it will be interesting to see where it leads. As a post on another board said, this isn't just about one cancelled Television show. It's about the lack of quality programming, the dumbing down of America, and an antiquated method (Nielsen ratings) for guaging the nation's TV viewing habits. Nielsen ratings do not take into consideration VCRs, Tivo, Cable OnDemand or online viewing habits, and are therefore an inaccurate measure of a show's success or failure. CBS built up the "Jericho" website as an alternate way for fans of the show to watch -- or rewatch -- that week's episode, and they are not alone in this practice.

If the networks are going to encourage viewers to watch online, that viewership must be taken into consideration. Especially for a show that was consistently ranked number one on CBS's Innertube service and was ranked in the top ten at itunes. If CBS comes to their senses, it would not be the first time a show was renewed after being cancelled, though CBS execs seem to think it would signal the end of the world. "Seventh Heaven" was renewed for a final season after initially being cancelled last spring. "Jag" was renewed after being cancelled, as was "Touched by an Angel"--and for more than one season. "ER" is one of many shows that has been on the chopping block for a number of seasons now and somehow keeps being renewed.

"Jericho" was a quality, thought-provoking program and deserves another season. Here's hoping it gets it!


Rhonda Stapleton said...

Amen to you on the lack of good shows! I hate most tv programs, which usually don't offer anything remotely approaching talent, insight, or even comedy. *sigh*

I hate when good shows are taken off the air. E.g., Freaks and Geeks was a FABULOUS show...

Jennifer McK said...

This was interesting. I, too, have been disappointed in what's offered by the networks.

sarork said...

thank you for covering the story. there are many reasons we are fightin this fight. We all will have to see where it goes and what the future of TV goes.