Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13: Squeaky

My poor old kitty isn't doing so great. Squeaky just turned twenty in April and, up until a few weeks ago, was still racing through the house and getting into stuff as though she were two. She's been feeling poorly the last couple weeks. She starts to perk up, then relapses again. Yesterday morning she was actually waiting outside the bedroom door at 5:30 for breakfast. She actually wanted food, asked for food, ate food! This was a good thing.

Well...I don't know what she did yesterday during the two whole hours she was alone, but the basket of Mom's medicines somehow ended up on the floor, and I have a suspicion that the cat who knocked it off the end table tumbled after, possibly hitting her chin or throat on the table edge on her way down. I do know that the cat who asked for breakfast refused to eat dinner, and her purrs are sounding a bit thready. On the plus side, though she still hasn't eaten anything, she has been drinking water and even had a bit of warm milk last night. I'd feel better if she ate, but at least she's staying hydrated.

Anyway...since we've had her since she was a kitten, you can imagine the number of pictures taken of her over the past twenty years. Here's a small sampling -- thirteen to be exact. *g*

August 1987 - age 5 months

Spring 1988

Christmas 1994

Summer 1989

With sister Heidi, 1988

With niece Elizabeth, 1993
(I couldn't find any pics of her with me)

Christmas 1997 -- her favorite place to sleep in December

Winter 2002

Winter 2004
Peek-a-boo! (Winter 2006)

August 2005

October 2005
March 2007

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Rhonda Stapleton said...

AWWWW! She's so cute. I'm amazed at how long she's been with you--that's wonderful. These pics are cute--you must have some great memories of fun times together, as does she!!

((hugs)) I hope she pulls through this!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

What a sweetie!

(Hope she's ok)

Jennifer McK said...

What wonderful pictures! I hope she feels better soon.

Robin L. Rotham said...

What a sweet kittie! I didn't realize cats got to that age, but of course, they don't when they live on a farm. Hope she's feeling perky again soon!

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

awwwww! Hope she feels better :)

Jana said...

Makes me want to squeaze her. ;-) She's a beautiful cat, as you well know. Love the pics.

And you prolly couldn't find any of you with her because you were always the one taking the pictures! ;-)

I really do pray she feels better, soon. Sending my love to the Squeakster!

BTW, I totally forgot that today was TT! :-o

Heather said...

Thanks Divas! I hope she perks up soon, too. I know she's lived a long life already, but it isn't unheard of for a housecat to live into their mid to upper 20s.

Heather said...

You're probably right, Jana. All those pictures were taken by me. LOL

angeleque said...

How cute. What great pictures.

Elle Fredrix said...

I like the peek-a-boo one.

{{hope she gets better!}}

Christine said...

It's scary how close to my cat she looks. Except my cat doesn't have a tail (born that way).

I hope she's feeling better soon!

Debbie Mumford said...

What great pictures! Hope she's feeling better soon.

Adelle said...

So cute!

Tempest Knight said...

Awww... It's beautiful how you did a progression of her life as part of your family. I can see she has lived a good life. :) Hope she feels well again.

Heather said...

Elle~ The peek-a-boo one is a favorite of mine, too. Funny thing is, she usually won't sleep under a blanket alone, but that day was so cold she slept under it for hours.

Tempest~ Thank you - I actually dug out old scrapbooks to find earlier pics of her. I'd forgotten about some of them. Should email my niece (now 16) the one of her, LOL.

Christine~ All the little kids love her tail. Even as sick as she is it's still as fluffy as ever.

Thanksfor thinking of her everyone. I truly appreciate it.

Gina Ardito said...

What a gorgeous kitty! Poor thing. I hope she'll be all right.

Carolan Ivey said...

She's a beautiful cat! 20 good years is a tribute to your love and care for her. I hope she feels better soon!

Heather said...

Thanks, Carolan! She goes to the vet tomorrow. A friend has suggested it may be a nasty ear infection. We can only hope...

Morag McKendrick Pippin said...

What a beautiful kitty!