Wednesday, July 04, 2007

US Citizenship Test

At Concerts on the Square this evening it was announced that Maestro Andrew Sewell and wife Mary were celebrating their first 4th of July as US citizens. By coincidence, a fellow Diva posted a link to an online citizenship test earlier today. Could YOU pass the test?

Take the MSN Citizenship Test

While I did pass (yay, I get to remain an American!), I admit there were one or two I had to guess at. Personally, I think perhaps we should require people to take a civics test before they can register to vote. Maybe then they'll more fully undestand what this country was founded on and what is at stake when casting a vote. I've seen too many episodes of "Jay Walking" not to be frightened by how many US citizens -- particularly in their 20s and 30s -- can't name the president, vice president, or even how many states there are. And people wonder how the Current Occupant and party got into the White House... *Shudder*

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