Monday, August 27, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Well... The weekend wasn't too bad. Both days were sunny, warm without being too hot, and for the first time in a week we didn't have rain. We've had MASSIVE flooding and mudslides across the southern part of the state and what did it do again ALL morning? Yup, more rain. We're now over 15 inches for the month, our wettest month ever.

Today, however, is definitely a Monday.

It's a good thing I didn't have to go in early this morning. I was just getting my stuff together to walk out he door when I heard a torrent of water. Glanced toward the window and could see that, although we'd been listening to the rumbles of thunder for almost an hour, it hadn't yet started raining.

Which could mean only one thing: it was coming from inside the apartment. Sure enough, the people upstairs were flooding my apartment. Apparently, She "didn't realize" her machine was overflowing and didn't have enough sense to stop the machine when she finally did realize it or to call the office. I had water sluicing from the doorjambs of my walk-in hall closet, bathroom and one bedroom -- plus it was coming down the wall of the kitchen (back side of which is the fuse box outside the walk-in door). I shudder to think of how much stuff in the closet may be damaged or ruined. The Christmas decorations are all in plastic storage bins, but I have several cardboard boxes of books I don't dare store in the basement.

This has been my greatest fear since they started letting (lazy) people have their own machines a year ago. Now my biggest fear is mold. Maintenance sucked up some of the water from the carpet with a Shop Vac, but there is nothing they can do about the walls. It still being August, we can still see near-90 temps and high humidity for at least another month. Definitely NOT good for people with asthma or allergies.

And did I mention it was POURING again all morning? It started as I finally walked out the door for work and only got heavier on the drive out. And as if dealing with one deluge for the day wasn't enough, my co-worker's car decided it would be fun to dump more water on me. It was leaking around the top of the door frame and every time we hit a curve or turned a corner, I got dribbled on. Good thing I keep an extra sweater at the office because my entire right sleeve was soaked by the time we got to work (thankfully my pants were only slightly damp and dried fast).

I so need a nap and some chocolate. Who's hoarding the cookies?

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