Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We spent part of Saturday at Eplegaarden, "da apple orchard vit da Norvegian exposure" just a few short miles from me. They are well-known in this area for their endless acres of apple trees and fields of pumpkins, but also have squash, raspberries, and grapes. My niece had a great time plucking apples herself and handling the reins on the hayride. This picture was taken in October 2005, but there will be new ones to post soon!

My sister was jealous to hear I had made apple cobbler with some of the fruits of our labor, insisting I was only supposed to do that when they were coming to visit. We won't see them again for at least four weeks--like the apples will last that long...not!


Jana said...

Love the pic! And oh my! Pickin' apples. Love it. And dude, I want some cobbler, too! :-D

Heather said...

Sor-ry! Cobbler all gone. It was quite delicious served up warm with a generous scoop of vanilla. I know, I know...I'm evil and you'll get me for that. *WEG*