Monday, October 15, 2007

Between the Gutter and the Sky

Between the Gutter and the Sky
By Babe King
On Sale October 9th at Freya's Bower

This hunky youth worker is NOT what the doctor ordered! Dr. Jaclyn Donnel will fight anything to fix the inefficient health care system that let her father die. When charismatic youth worker, Sam Allen's expensive new rescue program threatens her under-funded ER, they're bound to butt heads.

Sam knows first hand that the only way out of the gutter is a hand up. He's determined to save Tasmania's street kids, regardless of cost and the sexy, headstrong doctor opposing him, until one youth demands a price even Sam won’t pay -- Jaclyn's life.

They may not save the world, but they might just save each other.

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Half author income from this book goes to Gran's Van to feed the homeless.

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