Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday 5 #1

Ahh...a Friday5 I can actually do!

What was the last thing you baked?
A red velvet cake for Mom's birthday.

What was the last thing you tried on for size?
New walking shoes. I stepped on a very large rock or something--big enough to indent the bottom of my shoe and break the sole, which was poking into the bottom of my left foot. The feet have been much happier these past couple weeks.

What was the last thing you purchased on credit?
Oh, geez. That was a few weeks ago, a couple books and...I honestly don't remember what else was on it. Think it was meds for Mom. It wasn't very much, but I didn't have quite enough cash on me to cover it.

What was the last thing you put a postage stamp on?
Ah, an easy one! That would be a couple hand-stamped birthday cards made last night that need to go out tomorrow. (They're already posted to my SCS gallery, will post some here soon.)

What was the last thing you took a photo of?
Have you not been paying attention all week? That would be cemetery photos--specifically from the recent Talking Spirits tour at Forest Hill Cemetery.

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