Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Send Chicken Soup

How is it that one always comes down with a cold in the middle of the work day? I was feeling fine yesterday morning, other than a bit tired -- which has been the norm the past month since the loud new neighbors moved in upstairs (they wake me up at least every other night) -- but after lunch...BAM! I started feeling all sniffly, which gave way to sneezing and a full-blown cold by end of the day. Thankfully, the rude ones above were actually quiet last night so I was able to doze a bit during the Packer game.

Speaking of...that had to be the shortest overtime on record--and thankfully in Green Bay's favor. Way to go GB -- they're now 6-1!

Anyway, head still feels like it's wrapped in cotton batting today and the sniffling continues, but thankfully not much sneezing.

Unfortunately, I know I'm bound to feel worse over the next few days as this thing runs its course. Please send chicken soup.

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