Friday, December 07, 2007

All decorated for the Holidays

This is my little 3-foot tree. It's difficult each year to decide which ornaments to use, especially since I have enough ornaments to decoarate two or three 7-foot trees, but I just don't have the room for a big tree right now. No matter what else goes on it though, the one ornament always hung is the flocked Santa Claus (bottom right) given me by my maternal grandmother for my first Christmas. It's one of few momentoes I have of her. Most of the ornaments used this year are handmade, either by me or by friends and family. The red present near the top of the tree was painted by one of my nieces, but the rest of the ceramic ones were poured and painted by my friend Kim. She makes a different ornament every year. The Norwegian pillow ornaments were some I did two years ago--there were a bunch more in the set that were gifted to friends. The fruit wreath near bottom right was made this year.

Here's a closeup of that and another I decided to keep.

This is the top of a low bookcase. One of my younger sisters made the angel, using a painted terra cotta flower pot as the base. The stocking was made by one of my older half-sisters when I was seven--I added the cross-stitched panel years later, and I made the tree whimsy hanging next to it a couple years ago. The crocheted tree and snowpeople were done by my paternal aunt circa 1980. They've held up remarkably well over the years!

This is the wreath on my front door, a gift from a friend a few years ago. It is handcrafted, but not by her.

This one, however, was made by her and was a present last Christmas. It is hanging inside near the front door. There is also a lighted wreath in my front window.

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Jana said...

I took pics of my tree an stuff but haven't had a chance to upload them yet. Mine doesn't change a whole lot every year, though. I did buy a few new ornaments this year that I added.

I think this year I'm going to buy a larger tree after Christmas when they go on sale. If I'm still at my current house this time next year I can fit one with a little shuffling.

I hope, though, to be in better digs soon. My house is about to fall down around my ears. Not quite litterally--yet. Foundation problems. Not pretty. *sigh*