Monday, January 07, 2008

More Bizarre Wisconsin Weather

And the Wisconsin weather just keeps getting weirder!

More dense fog throughout the area, and rain into early afternoon. This included a severe thunderstorm that hit Madison around 7:30am. The early rain dissipated some of the fog, but the lifting was short-lived. By 9:30am the area was socked in once again. It was so bad coming home about 6:30pm that we could scarce see the road in front of us. Scary! We were only going 30mph at times and made us wonder what all those idiots on the Interstate Sunday were thinking.

The strange weather didn't stop there. As if dense fog and severe thunderstorms weren't bad enough, Mother Nature decided to toss a few tornados our way. Nine of them, actually, with six confirmed. This is only the second time since they started keeping records in 1844 that there was a tornado in Wisconsin in January. The first was in 1967. The storms cut a path from as far south as Rockford, Ill up to Milwaukee, Wis. The Wheatland (SW of Milwaukee) and Kenosha areas seem to have been most heavily hit, with several injured and 17,000 without power in Wheatland.

Almost makes you afriad to wonder what tomorrow will bring! Supposed to be more rain possibly changing into snow late in the day, but who knows?

There was also another accident in the dense fog, this time near HWY 69 and PB. The driver responsible for that crash was ticketed for going too fast for conditions. Serves him right!

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