Saturday, January 05, 2008

Robin K's Card

Robin K's Christmas card -- very hard to tell from the scan, but the right half of the trees is punched and folded back to the left, and then a smaller white tree adhered to the folded back flap of the green tree. Looks very cool IRL. Greeting and stars are all gold embossed.


Annie said...

Sweet and simple, that design.

Is that what it looks like in your part of the world today? Snowy there? I'm heading your way next week in hopes of seeing lots and lots of snow.

Heather said...

Yes, very snowy here. We set a new record for second snowiest December at 33.4 inches (record is 35" set in Dec 2000). We are to have a couple "warm" days between 44 and 50F and rain, so much of the snow should melt - but then there's more wintry weather coming in later in the week. Gotta love it! LOL

Annie said...

Thanks for the weather report.

It would be lovely if I could drive up through the warm weather and then settle in for a huge snowfall but chances are I'll time it exactly backwards.