Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #41: Last 13 Books Read

These are the last thirteen books I read in 2007. It picks up in October, when I was still working through Kaye Hooper's backlist (still have two more Bishop books to read, too!), then segues into a series of Christmas stories - all of which were plucked from the TBR pile. I was in the mood for holiday stories and thought maybe I should read a few from the overflowing TBR mountain. There are still a good 30 Christmas books from previous years in that pile!


(Book three in a series.)

DEATH BY SUDOKU by Kaye Morgan
(I'm not into Sudoku, but it was a pretty good book with a slightly different premise.)

SENSE OF EVIL by Kay Hooper


AUNT DIMITY'S DEATH by Nancy Atherton
(I wanted to explore a few cozies and really liked this author's easy-to-read style. I immediately hunted down more in the series.)

CREWEL WORLD by Monica Ferris
(Another cozy - did not like this one as much as the Aunt Dimity series)

THE SNOW BRIDE by Debbie Macomber

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (2-in-1) by Debbie Macomber

(Actually started this one when it came out a few years ago and misplaced it. When I found it again recently I figured maybe I should finally finish it.)

(Probably would have enjoyed this one more if I'd read it when it came out, when I still remembered half the characters in the "Code of the West series)

CAN THIS BE CHRISTMAS? by Debbie Macomber
(Sweet story following a group of strangers who are stranded together in a train station on Christmas Eve - could totally see this as a special on Lifetime.)

HER MISTLETOE MAN by Carolyn Greene

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Gina Ardito said...

Ha! We both had books on the brain this week. Lots of holiday books on that list, huh? I'll have to check some of those out. Thanks for the tips!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I used to read a lot of Kay Hooper and I have no idea why I stopped. And I've never read Debbie Macomber. I think I'll pick her up this year, too.
Great list. :)

Morgan St. John said...

Oh, I did Christmas themed books in 07, too! how wonderful. The Last Noel by Heather Graham was really good. I've never read Kay Hooper... might have to give her a try. Can't wave a flag for Macomber, though. Her books aren't my favorite.

Savannah Chase said...

I haven't read any of those but I will check them out....

Happy T13

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Very cool. How were the Kay Hooper books?

Alice Audrey said...

Actually, if you went from Halloween to Christmas it's a Holiday to Holiday list.

Anonymous said...

I read the Shirley Jump one you mentioned, nice list of books!

Paige Tyler said...

Great list!


My TT is at

Heather said...

Gina~ GMTA! You have some great titles on your audio book list.

Jennifer S~ I just "discovered" Kay Hooper this year on Margie's recommendation, and have spent a bulk of my reading time on her backlist. Macomber is a lot tamer than Hooper, LOL.

Morgan~ Again, GMTA! *grin* Can't wait to see what's on your list. I thought the Graham sounded good - will have to pick that one up!

Savannah~ Hope there's at least one on the least that appeals to you!

Heather said...

Jennifer M~ I love Kay Hooper's Bishop series. They are about a psychic team of FBI agents, and read pretty fast. Also very hard to put down at night and go to bed as one should. LOL

Alice~ true! Especially since the books that weren't Christmas themes were paranormal (the Lisa Childs), thrillers and mysteries. *G*

Savvy~ Thanks, Savvy - hope you enjoyed Shirley's book!

Thanks, Paige! Happy New year!

Adelle said...

I only read one Holiday book this Christmas and that was Diana Castilleja's and I can't remember the title for the life of me. It was a GREAT read though!
Happy T13!

Darla said...

I used to read the Kay Hooper books, too, but forgot about them in recent years. Wonder why... Maybe I should check them out again.

Debbie Mumford said...

*LOL* We are SO on the same wavelength! Great List.

Heather said...

Debbie~ It seemed like a lot of us had books on the brain this week. Kind of funny, no? LOL

Darla~ Could it be all the serial killers? I like the Bishop series, but had to take a break from the SKs over Christmas. Also absolutely LOVE Quinn. I can't wait for the third book in that series!

Adelle~ Will have to check out Diana Castilleja's Christmas book. Thanks for stopping by!