Wednesday, February 06, 2008


You know the weather is bad when Madison public schools are closed. Madison schools rarely close, maybe once a year if that, and this is the second time this season they are closed (the first being for severe wind chills of 30 to 40 below zero). The snow has been falling steadily since about 3pm Tuesday and is expected to last through the afternoon. Madison has about 6 inches so far, with 8-10 expected by the time it's all over. More if we experience thundersnow. It's not merely the steady snowfall that is a problem, but blowing and drifting that causes occasional white-out conditions. Definitely better to be safe at home than out in that!

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Allison said...

Yikes...sometimes I think Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotahs should just join Canada and get it over with since then you would have someone to commiserate with over the weather! (When I taught in CA, more than 2/3 of my class had never seen snow up close...that is just wrong!). Have a good day...those "Best Fishes" cards in the post before are super cute!