Friday, February 15, 2008

Who Wants to Date a Superhero?

Amethyst - Who Wants to Date a Superhero?
By R.G. Alexander

Gaia City. A place where technology is advanced, superheroes commonplace and the masses are addicted to Who Wants to Date a Superhero?, a show that lets women compete for the chance to win a date with one of Gaia's Guardians.

Cassie Tidwell never thought she'd be humiliating herself on live vid for dinner with a man in spandex. But the secret she's keeping will have her jumping through hoops for a chance to have this season's hunky bachelor, Theta Wave, all to herself.

Will her choice ensure that Graham, the man she's lusted after for months, never wants to see her again?

When her friend gives her an amethyst anklet engraved with strange symbols, telling her it has the ability to shield her thoughts from the probing powers of Theta Wave, she's dubious. But she needs all the luck she can get if she's to fight for one man's help…and another's heart.

Sexual Content: Rated S-ensuous
Genre: Paranormal
Book Length: Novella

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R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Thank you so much! Its good to have friends :)

Heather said...

Most welcome! :)