Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter - 2

What a cruel sense of humor Mother Nature has! It's the first full day of spring and we are under a winter storm warning until 7pm, with 6 to 9 inches expected in our area. With 92 inches of snow already dumped on us this season, this storm could put us over the century mark. At least it shouldn't stick around very long, coming so late in the year as it does. Sadly, I don't think it's the last snow we will see, either. *Sigh*

Below is another selection of Easter cards, most of which were sent to troops overseas for personal use, with a few kept out for family and friends. I found some vintage images online, which I then printed out and matted. Paper from DCWV and Current, Inc were used for all of these. Accessories include Primas, brads and grosgrain ribbon. Closeups of two of the cards follow below.


Alice Audrey said...

I hear you on the snow, though we only got a light flurry.

Beautiful cards.

Maggie Nash said...

I love those vintage images Heather. Can't help you with the's raining here in Sydney and it's getting colder. Okay, so it's still in the 70s, but that is better than over 100 which is what the country has been experiencing in spades the last few weeks.
I hope you're feeling better :-)

Heather said...

Alice~ Lucky! We didn't quite hit the hundred inch mark...yet...but are awfully close. At 6pm we were at 5.8 inches, a mere 2.2 off the century mark. But -- we've had more light snow throughout the evening and can pick up at least another inch before it ends, so...who knows. One local news station has a contest to win t-shirts that say "I survived the winter of '08...barely!" LOL

Heather said...

Maggie~ I'd rather have warm 70s than frigid 30s, especially since it would then be too hot to snow! *g*

I also wish I could say I feel better, but my throat is really sore tonight from coughing. I haven't been as congested today, but still coughing. I originally thought it just a chest cold, but there is apparently a wicked strain of respiratory flu circulating this year that can sideline you for 2-4 weeks. *SOB*

Heather said...

Alice & Maggie~ Thank you both for your compliments on the cards! *grin*