Friday, April 18, 2008

AFSS13 - Just the scraps, ma'am!

A couple cards for Allison's scrap challenge. I used Nichole's sketches, which were the inspiration for Allison's challenge. Been a while since I did a challenge, so I'm glad I was able to do this one and use up some of the bits and pieces lying around.


Allison said...

These are great...just what I had in mind (I don't know if everybody "got it"). I have done some but haven't photographed them yet! Thanks for playing again!

Nina said...

Great cards! As usual of course. Very inspirational. You know, I printed out some of the past challenges from SCS and tried to do something like the ones there. Fun. Except that mom feels nausea from the fumes from the glue I'm using. I've been thinking of asking you what kind of glue you use. Glue stick, hot glue gun or just a tube of glue? Just curious since I got some gluesticks for free but they don't work that well.



Heather said...

Thanks Allison! I sometimes wonder when looking at sketch challenge entries if people read the directions or truly look at the layout, particularly in the SCS galleries. Glad I got it right! ;)

Nina~ To answer your qwuestion...none of the above. I use Tombow monoadhesive, which is a two-sided tape that comes in a handy little dispenser. No mess, no fuss, no smell -- very easy to use. For 3-D items such as buttons I use glue dots. They work much better than regular glue, and again no mess or fuss. Thanks for checking out the scrap cards!

Nina said...

Now if the cards I got from you weren't so beautiful I'd dissemble them and check out how you did it. I think I might've seen something like that in the craft store. I might invest in such since glue in tube is way way messy.

You know, I'm inspired. I need to get home and see if I can make some scrap card too. I think I have some green paper just laying around not doing anything useful. :)