Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Honoring Milt McPike

My friend Jana mentioned on her blog today that the movie Lean On Me was on last night, and how much she loves it and the principal played by Morgan Freeman. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know it was on, 'cause I'd most certainly have been bawling. Madison has been saddened this week by the passing of former East HS principal Milt McPike. He was principal of my HS for 23 years, a man everyone looked up to ~ and that had little to do with the fact he stood at six foot four. *g*

He didn't care what color you were, or whether you were rich or poor ~ McPike treated everyone the same: with dignity, respect and firmness. He didn't take crap from anyone and pushed people to excel...to have pride in themselves, their school, and their community. He shaped and changed many peoples' lives in this city, and his presence will definitely be missed.

A visitation will be held Wednesday evening at East High's McPike Fieldhouse, from 5-8pm. There's no doubt that it will be quite crowded.

Click here to read an editorial from The Capitol Times.


Stacy Otis said...

When I heard Mr.McPike was sick a few months ago, my heart sank. How could such a good man have to endure this disease. Like the song says only the good die young. If it was not for McPike and Mr.Thomas kicking me in the ass when I got into so much trouble back in high school I may not have graduated. Thank You

Annie said...

Your testament is touching. I wish I'd known the man.

Cabbage not to your liking? You might not enjoy a weekend trip to Bear Creek then, home of the cabbage!

Heather said...

Hi Stacy, thanks for posting. I didn't know Mr. Thomas as he came to East after I graduated, but I heard good things about him. It's good to know there are more teachers and principals as interested in helping students as McPike was. Likewise his wife, who worked at my middle school. I'm still amazed that she seemed to remember me, especially considering the number of students who have passed through their lives over the years.

As humble a man as he was, I think McPike would have been amazed by the number of people in attendence tonight. Literally thousands of people, many of whom stood in line three hours to pay their respects!

Hi Annie! Thank you, he was indeed a wonderful man, and one not easily forgotten. And you are right, I definitely would not like Bear Creek, LOL.

Chloe Devlin said...

What a wonderful tribute!