Friday, April 04, 2008

Robins are stupid

Robins are stupid. Seriously.

I was sitting here at work, printing out some orders, when I heard a thumping noise. And again. Repeatedly. So I got up to see where the noise was coming from, particularly since I'm the only one in the office this morning and there should be nothing but the quiet hum of the computer. The windows on that side of the building are chest-high from the inside and at ground level on the outside. Just as I walk over by one there's another thump, and I see a shadow fall past the window. Expecting to find that the damn woodpecker is back and trying to drill holes in the siding again, I move closer to the window to find not a woodpecker, but a male robin. Throwing himself at the side of the house, near the window. Over and over again. What the heck?

I tapped the window to shoo the stupid bird away, but darned if I could figure out why he's acting suicidal. So I walk upstairs and around to that side of the building. Is he seeing his reflection and trying to attack what he perceives as competition for his lady fair?


The ground slopes at this end so that the window casements sit at ground level. Running the length of the building and tacked just above the windows is a length of several cables banded together. The stupid robin alights on the ground, then launches himself at the cables, trying to snare one for his nest. These cables are fairly thick and tacked down every few feet. They aren't going anywhere unless you have a pair of wire clippers.

Does this stop that silly bird? No. He's been back no less than five times in two hours. Certainly doesn't give up easily, does he? I'll give him points for tenacity, but really...

Did I mention robins are stupid?


Jana said...


That is tooooo funny.

Maybe he's just stubborn...

Kathleen Oxley said...

Awww, poor bird! I bet he's gonna have a wicked headache after all that banging.

Did he finally stop, or has he been annoying you all day?

A. Catherine Noon said...

BANG! Write more! BANG! Are you done yet? BANG! Finish that chapter! BANG!

I'd say, he's a pretty smart robin!


georgia said...

I just searched "stupid robins" on google because of almost that exact same problem! I keep hearing this noise and I look out my kitchen window and this ratty looking robin is THROWING himself at our window! I have heard that robins are notoriously stupid, but honestly you'd think after a good two days of this we would stop. he's been doing it all week!

Heather said...

Jana~ Definitely. LOL

Kathleen~ He did finally stop, but only after I opened the window a bit -- it's one of those that opens outward, and apparently it was enough of a deterent to send him on his way. At least for Friday. lol

Catherine~ LOL...I wish I'd been doing personal writing, but was at work and actually trying to accomplish something.

Georgia~ ROFL... Too funny -- I guess they really are stupid!