Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #57: Pet Peeves

I'm taking this directly from a thread at Romance Divas this week, Nitpicking Things That Drive You Nuts. Here are some of the things that bug me.

-- People who don't push chairs in, or who leave doors/drawers/box flaps hanging open, especially when they block narrow aisles.

-- People who blast their car stereos, especially those who sit in front of someone else's house and do this.

-- People who block store aisles. Pull your cart over to the side to look for the item you can't find, or to chat with friends. And don't give me a dirty look when I ask you to move your a$$ so I can get through.

-- People who don't pick up after their dogs. You put food into it, you clean what comes out of it. It's as simple as that.

-- People who are too lazy to take their garbage with them. I don't throw my garbage in your yard, don't throw yours in mine!

-- People who keep dialing the same number after being told they are dialing the wrong number, as if the connections will magically rearrange if they just. keep. trying. I actually had to leave an outgoing message on my machine for two months last year telling people the number they were dialing was NOT ABC company, and screen all incoming calls. They finally got the message.

-- On a similar note, people who argue with you when you tell them they've misdialed. One lady who called my home number actually accused me of being lazy and not wanting to help her. It was soooo tempting to "make an appointment" for her so she would look the fool when she showed up somewhere she wasn't expected.

-- People who leave long rambling phone messages and then suddenly hit warp speed when leaving their phone number. Sorry, but if I can't understand the number, I'm not calling you back.

-- People who do laundry after 10pm or before 6am. That may be fine if you own a house, but when you share walls with other people...uh-uh. Have a little consideration for the people around you, and they might have some for you.

-- And, as someone who does a lot of walking, drivers who refuse to stop for pedestrians at/in crosswalks, despite the fact that it's state law. This especially irks me at the mall, when I'm standing directly under the bright neon sign reminding them of said law.

-- People who continually forward emails that have already been forwarded a billion times. I won't even open them. If it's really so great that you have to share, then copy, paste and clean it up before passing it on.

-- People who hold loud cellphone conversations in public, particularly on the bus/train, or in restaurants. Newsflash: you do not live in a sound proof bubble, and no one wants to hear all the intimate details of your life. Except maybe the stalker sitting behind you.

-- People who don't control their children in public. It's a store or restaurant, NOT a gymnasium. Please do not inflict the children you refuse to discipline on the rest of us.

So...what's bugging you?

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Adelle said...

I am so with you on the emails that have been forwarded a million times. I rarely take the time to scroll down. lol
Happy T13!

Shelley Munro said...

I nodded all the way through your list. I totally agree. Some people are so inconsiderate.

Heather said...

Thanks Adelle and Shelley! *G*

Tara S Nichols said...

Oh god I hate the people who blocks the isles. Arggg, the rage is right there burbling at the surface all the time. arrrrg.

I need to put this to a better use. arg

Alice Audrey said...

I hate it when people leave drawers and doors open. I'm always running into them and getting hurt.

Ms Menozzi said...

I think a simple "Amen" will do here, right?

Good post! Happy T13!

Debora Dennis said...

Those loud cell-phone conversations get me every time - so rude. Good list :)

Darla said...

Boy, a lot of these are on my list, too:

--especially those car stereos where the bass is so loud it vibrates the ground in a 20-yard radius

--ever notice that those aisle-blockers always pick the time you're in a rush, too?

--when we first moved into our house in TX, we kept getting calls for this same woman for about 6 months. Once, a school called about her daughter, and they didn't want to believe I wasn't her.

--interesting how the crosswalks are handled differently in different areas. Here in Germany, if someone is even near a crosswalk, the cars will stop. In Italy, they'll stop, but only if you step out into the crosswalk in front of them.

--oh, yes. I just love those forwarded emails where you have to scroll past umpteen headers, and then when you finally get to the joke or whatever, there's only one word per line because of all the > > from forwarding. Just as bad are the alarmist forwards where the person didn't bother checking them on Snopes.

--I've unavoidably heard some very private cell phone conversations--don't they think?

--Uncontrolled children are one of my biggest pet peeves. I was able to control 3 kids--why can't they?

Tempest Knight said...

Amen to all of these! Don't get me started on people who place books on the wrong shelves.

December said...

Great topic!!
An older gent and I were jockeying around eachother at the Grocery store yesterday, it was pretty comical.
We were laughing.

Happy Thursday!

Heather said...

Tara~ LOL No need to channel, feel free to vent that rage! *g*

Alice~ Me too, which is why it's a major peeve. And every time I turned around at work yesterday it seemed like I was shoving someone else's hair out of my way, usually with my foot as hands were full.

Ms Menozzi~ Definitely! Amen! *g*

Debora~ Don't you love those? Equally as bad are people on buses/trains who are plugged in and singing along to their music at top of their lungs. Especially those more obscene songs. Ticks. me. off!

Heather said...

Darla~ So glad people share the same peeves as me, and yes ~ the bigger the rush you ar ein at the store, the more aisle blockers there will be. And the uncontrolled kids in public? If my sisters and I ever acted like some of these kids today, there'd be a trip to the ladies, after which we'd be lucky if we could sit. Once was all it took to make a believer out of you.

Tempest~ Oh yes! That gets me too. If you pick a book up to read the back cover - or a magazine to leaf through it - why is it so hard to put it back in the correct spot? I'm always moving them back where they belong, and turning covers out where possible (esp of people I know).

December~ LOL - yeah, I've done that a time or two as well. Always nice when the other person has a sense of humor about it!

Debbie Mumford said...

You tell 'em, Diva! I'm with you on these.

Heather said...

LOL Thanks Debbie!

Nina Pierce said...

Oh, forwarded emails drive insane! Especially the ones that tell you if you don't send it to 57 more people in the next 10 minutes another 98 piglets in Chile will spontaneous combust (or something equally stupid ... like I don't have enough guilt already). ;) I hate those. But my number one is the first on your list ... how hard is it to pick up the chair and put it back in place? Urrr...

Lia said...

Oh, girl, preach it.

When I got my a cell a few years ago, I got the old number of an OB-GYN. The hospital called me one night to tell me that my patient was in labor...
They were very nice and apologized. Fortunately, I work nights so they weren't waking me up. I told her that I could come and deliver the baby, but since I hadn't worked L&D in several years, they might want to do it themselves.
I just got a new phone and new number. For three days I got calls from the previous number's father. If you change your cell number, tell your parents.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I can relate to the grocery store aisle. I get so frustrated with that.

Paige Tyler said...

I totally agree! Great list!


My TT is at

Gina Ardito said...

I agree with all of them! What ever happened to decent consideration for others?

Brenda ND said...

Interesting topic!

Robin L. Rotham said...

I don't even know where to begin -- everything bugs me lately. :D

Chloe Devlin said...

Great list. And so true!


Kathleen Oxley said...

Wow, so many good ones there! I also hate when people don't control their children - I actually have a personal rule that you shouldn't go out in public with more young children than you have hands to hold onto them with (too many bad experiences working retail with out of control kids)!

Heather said...

Kathleen~ An excellent rule, IMO. If you can't control 'em, leave 'em at home!

Robin~ ROFL...I hear that! *g*

Gina~ Good question. Manners and consideration both seem to have gone out the window. And people wonder why the world is in such sorry shape...

Thanks Chloe, Brenda and Paige!

Jennifer~ Just one of the reasons I hate shopping of any kind. My stress level tends to skyrocket the moment I set foot inside. lol

Lia~ DUH -- you'd think at the very least people would tell their family they have a new number. LOL at the OB-GYN call, though.

Nina~ I'm glad the chair and email thing bugs someone besides me! *g*

Gwen Mitchell said...

Oh man - I could have written that list. =D

Especially this one:
-- People who block store aisles. Pull your cart over to the side to look for the item you can't find, or to chat with friends. And don't give me a dirty look when I ask you to move your a$$ so I can get through.

And how about when they are walking down the MIDDLE going *real* slow . . . like they have all the time in the world. Srsly. I have somewhere to be. The grocery store is not my idea of fun. XP

Nice list Heather. Happy Friday!

Heather said...

Gwen~ Oh, yeah! The mid-aisle walkers irritate me too. So glad I'm not along with my peeves! *G*

Nina said...

And forwarded e-mails... I never ever open them. I just get annoyed and send a bitchy e-mail to the sender.

Actually I'm quite lucky with those. Not having many. Maybe because I got so many a couple of years ago that I finally took the time to write a quite friendly e-mail to all of my contacts saying that there will be no free vacation at Disney World if you fwd this or that e-mail to 200 or so of your closest friends and that I would very much appreciate not recieving any more of those. It worked. Yay!


Nina said...

Very great list indeed. Some I agree with. Like putting books and magazines back where they belong. And controlling kids in public. Whatever happened to actually being a parent?

As for phone conversations in public... well, I'm more of the curiuos type so my biggest peeve there is that I can only hear one side of the convo. That is annoying. :)

The car stereos are fun though. Yes, I'm being sarcastic here. Where I used to live car stereos were very popular, but nobody could actually afford a decent system with any sort of recognizable sound but they happily blast their "music" all over anyway. Of course they do not realize that the "music" won't sound as good on the outside of the car which means that the cars sound like frrsst, frrsst, frrsst when they pass by.

Just my two Euros... :)

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your euros, Nina! You are wuite right about people picking up after themselves in general. Too many people these days expect others to do everything for them.