Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #58: Things I Haven't Done

Saw this done somewhere sometime ago, but no idea where I got it: thirteen things I haven't done in quite a while.

1. Played my violin. Fixing the broken E string would probably help.

2. Gone on vacation – almost seven years since I could afford a real getaway. An overnight visit to my sister doesn't count. I want to go somewhere, dammit! Crossing an ocean to get there would be a bonus, but I'd settle for traversing any major river.

3. Gone Swimming – particularly sad considering the pool is right next to my building, but it’s always over-flowing with screaming brats whose parents do not watch them.

4. Gone camping. The tent has languished in my basement storage locker for far too long.

5. Seen a movie in the theater. Last ones seen were Harry Potter 5, Pirates 3, and The Bourne Ultimatum, all last summer. It’s not that there haven’t been movies I want to see, I just never seem to get to them.

6. Been to a concert. It’s been about seven years since I last saw anyone in concert, and that was Billy Joel and Elton John (so at least it was a good one!). TV concerts and Concerts on the Square do not count.

7. Gone to the county fair. It’s only a few miles from me, but still… It’s not like I can go on half the rides since the neck injury a decade ago. I’d rather not snap my neck in two, ya know?

8. Flown anywhere. Last place I flew to was Toronto five years ago (business, not pleasure). Can’t say it was a memorable trip, aside from the guy sitting behind and to my right with the deep, French accent. Oh la la!

9. Soaked in a bath. It’s usually showers here, and well...modern tubs just aren't made for soaking.

10. Seen my baby sister (going on seven years). We live in different states and neither of us is really able to travel right now.

11. Seen any of my cousins. There are some cousins I haven’t seen in ten years, others I haven’t seen in at least 25, and still others I've never met (at least that I can remember).

12. Attended Homecoming events at alma mater, or seen any of my sorority sisters. Sure, many of us are still in touch via phone, letter and email, but we haven’t seen each other face to face in ages.

13. Moved. After more than 15 years in the same place, I have to move at the end of July. Which means three months to find a new apartment and pack. While a change of view and new paint/carpet will be nice, I do not look forward to packing. I have a lot of books, an extensive media collection, and tons of craft supplies. Sadly, I may have to sell or donate a few boxes of books. *Cringe whimper whine*

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Shelley Munro said...

Hubby and I haven't used our tent for ages either. We were discussing this just the other day. :)

Adelle said...

My tenting days are over. My body is allergic lol As for moving, I'm sitting in the middle of mountains of boxes, ugh! Do a little each day to get through it all. It helps. Happy T13!

Debora said...

I hear you on the vacation - waa - I want to go away too! My tent is packed up in my garage, haven't used in years either.

December said...

((hugs)) this made me sad. :(

life is short darling - get thyself into that tent!! (in the living room if you must!)

Start racking up some Frequent flier miles!
Next week I want to see 13 adventures you want to embark on!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

ROAD TRIP!!!! LOL. I hope you get to do some fun stuff this summer Heather.

Debbie Mumford said...

#9 is an irritant for me. I love a nice long soak occasionally...but my tub just isn't up to the task. Sigh.

Tempest Knight said...

Oh boy... I'm with you on the vacation part.

Alice Audrey said...

Ooo I love deep French accents.

You definitely need to do most of this. It's all stuff that makes the rest of life worth while.

Darla said...

You have my sympathy on the upcoming move. We're moving... *gasp*... next month!

Heather said...

Shelley~ A friend and I have talked about going camping sometime this summer, but so far that's all it's been: talk. Hopefully we can get away in August. Heaven knows I'm going to need a break after moving!

Adelle~ Wimp! LOL As for packing a little each day, I did bring home some boxes last night and managed to get three packed, as well as a box started for Goodwill.

Debora~ Yay, another camper! Here's hoping we are all able to get away this summer!

Thanks December! Next week's TT will be an adventure of a sort, though perhaps not exactly what you have in mind. *wink*

Jen M~ Thanks - grin - road trip sounds good to me!

Heather said...

Debbie~ Ah, someone who understands the modern bathtub issue. They're fine if you're under four foot tall, but for most of just doesn't cut it!

Tempest~ Thanks! For a few years friends and I were traveling somewhere for a week at least once a year - but money has been a bit tight the past few. Still, I'd at least like to go camping.

Alice~ Swoon-worthy, aren't they? Hehe... And yes, I know some of these items are easily doable. In fact, I do hope to see 2 or 3 movies this month. We shall see.

Darla~ Thank you. It seems several of us are in the process of moving, or settling in after a recent move. Why does it have to be so painful??

Anonymous said...

I am dying ot move. I have lived in ND 3 years and our spring is nasty and cold this year. I'm done! I want to go on vacation too but my hubby own't fly. *sob!* great 13...Cinde

Heather said...

Cinde~ Oh...ND has had a lot of late snow this year - my sympathies on the winter that will not end. I was never so happy to see snow go as I was this year. Here's hoping you can talk dh into travelling somewhere!

Gina Ardito said...

I've got the pool in the backyard, no brats except my own and still don't use it. This year, I've promised myself I'm going to at least get my bathing suit wet.

Chloe Devlin said...

Love number 6 -- I've seen both BIlly Joel and Elton John in concert -- just not together. But I would hope and imagine that having two such great performers made the concert doubly fantastic.


Heather said...

Gina~ Now that is sad. If I had the pool all to myself I'd probably be in it every day it was open.

Chloe~ Seeing both EJ and BJ together definitely made it doubly worth it. We had great seats too!

Janice said...


I posted my thirteen, and thank you for leaving a comment.

I want to do on vaccation too. It's been only three years for us, but I wanna go!!!


Nina said...

I want to go away too! On a real vacation. Not visiting friends when they are getting married, which has been my version of vacation the past several years. No money left over to do anything else. I had some saved up, but then I had to move and the money was used. Next time I'm going to move I'll hire someone else to do the lugging boxes and furniture for me. Preferably someone attractive of the opposite sex. :)

As for the movies... I don't even remember when I went to the movies the last time. Does watching Independence Day at uni for class count? That was a couple of years ago. Haven't seen either HP4 or 5 yet... *sigh*


Heather said...

Thanks for visiting Jan!

Nina~ Boy do I hear you on the weekends here and there for weddings and such. I haven't even been to many of those (or bat/bar mitzvahs for one branch of the family), due to traveling expenses.

As for movies, I can't believe you haven't seen the last two HP movies yet. No place to rent them near you? I do hope to see 2 or 3 on my list this month, but who knows if that will work out?