Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Black Cat Crossing

I forgot I had uploaded these pics to the computer a few months back, so thought I'd share before I forgot about them again. I've mentioned in previous posts how I have been stitching this series of black cats by Calico Crossroads for a friend. She has two black male cats who are constantly wreaking havoc, making this series purr-fect for her. And, given the number of designs they offer, I could literally be doing these forever.

The pic above is the latest addition to her collection, presented on her birthday back in March. And yes, her darling "angels" actually have decimated a plant or four. The picture below shows her entire gallery, minus the one at right as she had only just received it. I'm thinking I need to change things up a bit for this Christmas. Oh, I intend to add to the collection, just not in this manner. I'd divulge my plans, but one never knows who might happen by one's blog, and then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? Come back in January 2009 and see what I have planned!

(You should be able to click the photos for a larger view!)


Janice said...

Lol, that too much. We recently acquired a new black kitty, he's tiny yet but what a personality!

I've got four cats now, but you know what they say about cats? Cats are like potato chips you can't have just one.

Jana said...

Ooo, cute idea, Trix. I'll bet your friend adores them all. Love the display of them all together, too. Looks very chic.

Heather said...

Janice~ My kitty passed away a year ago this month at age 20. I'd love to get another, but it's just not practicle right now.

Jana~ Yes, she does love them. I'm sort of obligated to supply at least one a year now. LOL

Allison said...

I love this...such a neat idea. And I have a black cat (of course, he would just lay around all day doing nothing!).