Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

That might well be the instructions for getting through the next several days, as the forecast is for stormy or wet weather Sunday through to next weekend. Ugh! Today was hot and humid -- the perfect combination for severe thunderstorms and tornadic activity. Our area came under a tornado watch around noon until 8pm, and was later extended to 3am. About 1:30pm the "fun" began, with lines of thunderstorms moving through southern Wisconsin. Some areas such as Wisconsin Dells were hit heavily by straightline winds, while other communities north and south of Madison reported tornado sightings and flash floods. Hail was also a problem, from penny-sized to some in Waukesha County larger than baseballs. You can read more about it here.

I am also questioning the intelligence of some of my neighbors -- or general lack thereof. About 3pm the skies above turned ominous, the air heavy and oppresive, and warning sirens soon sounded around the area. Did my neighbors glance up from the water? No. Did they exit the pool when it started to rain, or when lightning flashed to the north of us? No. The idiots remained in the swimming pool until someone from management kicked them out. Seriously, it's people like that who deserve to be zapped. Heaven knows the gene pool could use a bit of cleansing!

Here's hoping everyone reading this stays safe as these storms continue to move across the country!


Jana said...

ROFL at your neighbors. Not the brightest bulbs in the pack, eh?

Hope the weather clears up soon! Stay safe. (((hugs)))

Nina said...

If I got bulbs like that in the pack I'd return it to store. They're broken. Morons! Lightning is dangerous, everyone knows that.
Ah well, one of Mother Natures ways of cleaning the filter in the human gene pool I guess.

Stay safe!


Latesha said...

Hope that you are staying safe with all those storms passing your way. Some people, meaning the neighbors, will never learn.

Janice said...

Hi Heather,

I have to laugh at your post, maybe this is exactly the way the gene pool is cleaned out?


Heather said...

Jana~ Definitely not the brightest bulbs, lol.

Nina~ ROFL...if only we could return them!

Latesha~ Thanks - I've had the radio or TV on constantly so as to be alerted the instant anything nasty comes this way. The radio was updating flood situations all day Monday.

Janice~ Hehe... May be! *g*