Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am sooo tired today. Yesterday was Rhythm and Booms, a huge 4th of July celebration here in Madison--though never actually held on the 4th, in deference to local communities that hold their own fireworks. There are bands, tons of food, a midway and other events throughout the day, culminating with a spectacular fireworks display choreographed to music at night. Thankfully, a fast-moving storm in the early afternoon and subsequent windy conditions kept the mosquitoes away. Unfortunately, those winds and low clouds also kept the skydivers away this year.

My sister drove up with nieces Four (visiting from FL) and Seven (aka The Bug), and we went over to the park with a few friends, arriving about 6pm--much later than we usually do, but still early enough for a few rides on the midway before dusk. The nieces did most of the riding, though my sister rode the carousel with The Bug, and I was dragged onto the tilt-a-whirl by Niece Four, who had somehow never been on one in 17 years. Are there no tilt-a-whirls in Florida? Standing in line, the woman in front of us asked if we'd mind taking her young son, as she gets motion sick. We readily agreed, though the boy looked briefly panic-stricken. Oh, how I wish I had a pic of her face the first time we got our car into a good spin! She was screaming her head off while the boy and I were laughing and leaning into the next spin. Hehe...we got our car going good a number of times! Niece Four told me after that it didn't look like it went that fast when we were standing in line, but loved it. No pics from that, but there are pictures from last night's fireworks posted here.

Overall it was a pretty good day. We did get sprinkled on briefly in the early evening, but it was wind-swept debris raining down on us during the fireworks. All a part of the fun of sitting under the fireworks. Doesn't bother us so long as no one gets hurt and the blanket doesn't start on fire (as happened several years ago).

I made a bunch of these cards Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, using the June Sheetload of Cards pattern. The Statue of Liberty circles are popped up.

Stamps: Land That I Love (Stampin' Up)

Ink: Night of Navy, Real Red (SU)
Paper: All from Die Cuts With a View
Accessories: Marvy plain and scalloped circle punches, brads, foam to pop up circles.


Maggie Nash said...

Um....what's a tilt a wheel? Hahahaha..perhaps we call them something different here in Oz...

Those fireworks look gorgeous. I am glad it all went well. I know how much you love that event.


Heather said...

tilt-a-WHIRL, dearheart. LOL

From Wickipedia:
The Tilt-A-Whirl is a platform-type ride, consisting of seven freely-spinning cars that hold four riders each, which are attached at fixed pivot points on a rotating platform. As the platform revolves, parts of the platform are raised and lowered, and the resulting centrifugal and gravitational forces on the cars cause them to randomly spin in different directions and at variable speeds.

There are images here:

Nina said...

Aha that's what I thought. Those are called "Whirlwinds" here. :) Very fun to ride indeed. Those and rollercoasters.


Heather said...

Nina~ Ahh, I imagine "tilt-a-whirl" doesn't exactly translate to Swedish, huh? In any case, I'll stick to that, TYVM - you can keep the rollercoaster.